Mixing your Ether with our service isn't hard. If you're still unsure or unfamiliar with the process we hope this step by step manual may help you.

Required for using this tutorial is some Ether, and a wallet that is untouched by anything that could be traced back to you.
The website might look different depending on if you have Javascript enabled or not.
First you click on the green "Start mixing"-button

and enter the address of your wallet.

If your address contains uppercase letters it will be checksummed, else not.


Now add a timedelay if you wish.

Next, if you used our service before enter your mixing code you recieved the last time. It makes sure you won‘t recieve your old Ether back. Leave it empty if you never used our service.

Now click on „Mix my coins“ and wait up to 30 seconds. Meanwhile we‘re preparing your mixing job.

Some limitations: We do not forward to addresses belonging to a contract. Do not sent Ether from an exchange.

Now send the Ether to the address we're providing.

Do not send more Ether than displayed here, else your transaction will be refunded.

Note down your mixing code for your next order with us and download the letter of guarantee.